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Corona Flash Instant Drink Mix | Amazing Texture & Flavor | 100% Pure Cocoa | Enjoy Anytime | 7.05 Ounce (Pack of 1)


DELICIOUS FLAVOR: A chocolate drink with amazing texture, flavor, and aroma with instant preparation!
QUALITY PRODUCT: Corona Flash Chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and is made with real cocoa using sustainably sourced cocoa beans. It’s also 0% Trans fat and 0% Cholesterol!
EASY TO PREPARE: Great for drinking in any season since it can be prepared in cold milk during the summer, or hot milk during the winter.


PackWe are here to provide a wonderful experience that will bring family and friends together, sharing memorable moments and stories around a special cup chocolate.

Chocolate CoronaIn 1940, he was born. CoronaIt has been in the hearts of many for more than 75 year. Colombiabrand has worked hard over the years in order to be an expert in chocolate. This allows people to enjoy every moment with pleasure through delicious experiences. TheKeep the tradition alive by sharing a cup of chocolate with those you love most. KeepYou can prepare it in many ways to get maximum indulgence and satisfy every craving. ItWhy? That’sexists to connect people. WE CARE!Corona
DELICIOUS FLAVOR – A chocolate drink with incredible texture, flavor, aroma, and preparation in minutes!

It is rich in antioxidants and made from real cocoa beans sourced sustainably. Corona Flash ChocolateAlso available at 0% It’sFat and 0% TransIt’s possible!
EASY TO PREPARE: CholesterolIt can be used in any season, as it can be made with cold milk in the summer and hot milk in the winter.
SHARING IS CARING GreatIt is the perfect size to share with your family and friends! Corona FlashOur chocolate is easy to prepare and takes very little time. TheAround because GatherIt makes everything so easy!
GREAT VALUE Corona ChocolateOne 7.05 ounce bag Includes.
Corona Flash

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