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Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup


Certified Organic
100% Pure Maple Syrup
Crafted with superior flavor and exceptional quality in Dutchess County, NY


Flavor Name:Bourbon Barrel Aged | Size:12.7Fl Oz(Pack1.

PureMaple syrup can be paired with many different flavors. One of the most delicious pairings is maple and whiskey. Crown MapleCelebrate this amazing combination with their Limited Edition Bourbon Barrel Agedsyrup FirstPure organic maple syrup is aged for a year in barrels to absorb the flavor bourbon. ThenIt is bottled in their state of the-art sugarhouse. Dover Plains. New York. TheThe elegant packaging of this syrup is meant to reflect the outstanding quality of the product inside. The Wall Street JournalAs “soul-stirring”. BourbonMaple syrup can be enjoyed in many different ways. NaturallyIt can be used in the following ways: Maple Bourbon Fruit Salsa. Maple Bourbon Grilled Pineapple. Maple Bourbon Bacon, Maple Bourbon Mustard. Crown Maple SyrupIs crafted in Dutchess County. New YorkOnly the sap of 25,000 red maple and sugar trees on an 800-acre farm sustainably managed will be used. TheseThese varieties produce the most delicious sap on the planet, and they are complemented by the perfect climate. Hudson River ValleyMake it possible! Crown MapleTo make their regal syrup. ThereThere are usually only 20 prime sap days per season. They generally start in the middle of the season.FebruaryTemperatures in the Hudson ValleyDuring the day, temperatures can reach 40 degrees and at night dip below freezing. ThisTemperature fluctuations create pressure within the maples that forces out the sap. CrownUses a unique Reverse OsmosisUnit – The only unit of its kind in America – quickly and efficiently removes 90% of the water and produces a concentrate containing the exact sugar content needed for the next stage of their process. UsingReverse osmosis is superior to other methods because it protects the sap from heat, which can cause burning and excess carmelization.

Certified Organic
100% Pure Maple Syrup
CraftedSuperior flavor and exceptional quality Dutchess CountyNew York

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