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Detour Smart Gluten Free Oatmeal Bar, Cookie Dough, 11.7 Ounce, 9 Count


Whole grain oatmeal mixed with real cookie dough chunks and finished with a whey protein yogurt drizzle
10g of protein per bar
Good source of fiber


Flavor Name:Cookie Dough | Size:9Count(Pack1)

WeWe believe in eating well, and we want to enjoy every bite! HealthyNutrition can taste great, and so can our names. DetourOur mission is to provide healthy, delicious food options for our customers. AllOur bars are made with high-quality protein, whey protein. ThisThis amazing ingredient has all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle recovery and repair, along with many other health benefits. AndThen, we put our efforts into making the best bars possible. The results are award-worthy! Break away from the crowd and join us to find a better path to healthy eating.

WholeMixing grain oatmeal with real cookie dough pieces and topped with a drizzle of whey protein yogurt
Bars contain 10g protein
GoodSource of fiber
SweetenedWith SteviaOnly 4g of sugar

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