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Dulcet Gift Baskets Signature Fudge Brownie and Flaky Fruit Filled Rugelah Bakery Gift Box Great Gift for Holidays…


A VARIETY OF DELECTABLE PASTRIES: This collection of tasty pastries will surely satisfy every craving with its lovely array of flavors and textures. They arrive in a beautiful box decorated with a ribbon.
BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGING INSIDE AND OUT: This gift box arrives artistically assembled for elegant presentation. The individually wrapped pastries are neatly tucked inside Dulcet’s gift box and sealed with a ribbon.
A VARIETY OF RICH FLAVORS: roll in the Viennese table and enjoy the cinnamon & chocolate, fruit jam and cocoa. You’ve got it all in one tasty package. A veritable feast for the eye and palate, this collection is simply a winner.



TakeYou can take the hassle out of shopping for holiday gifts without having to battle the crowds. Instead, you can buy a gift that your loved one will treasure.

CelebrateThese delicious pastry favorites are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries as well as graduations and other special events. SatisfyingThe sweet tooth of a friend or family member is easy to find. Dulcet’s delectable gift basket. Do you want to show appreciation to teacher or let grandma know that you’re thinking about her? AreYou can surprise a friend or to express sympathy to a loved-one. SendA gift basket with delicious items sure to please everyone is included. Ideal for men, women young and old, we’ve included a variety of flavors to provide that jolt of sugar they crave.

PresentationThis will make a statement.

Each DulcetOur design specialists carefully build your basket. YouYou can rest assured that your basket will arrive beautifully assembled at your recipient’s home. TheThe combination of freshness, flavor, and elegance will delight your friends and family to the last crumb.


  • PackageIncludes: ChocolateFudge brownies and walnut brownies, as well as chocolate cheese brownies and chocolate chip blondies. 2 lbs. assorted rugelach: cinnamon sugar, apricot, raspberry, apricot. PleaseNote: Flavors may vary
  • EachTo ensure freshness, pastry is individually wrapped.

Satisfaction guaranteed:

WeWe are here to make you happy. Order with confidence and be glad for the compliments you’ll receive on your gift. We guarantee your satisfaction, contact us with any questions or concerns and we’ll work with you until you are completely satisfied.

A VARIETY DELECTABLE PASTRIES AVAILABLE: ThisWith its delicious array of flavors, textures and flavors, this collection of pastries will satisfy any craving. TheyYou will receive your gift in a beautiful box with ribbon.
BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING, INSIDE AND OUT ThisGift box is artistically assembled for elegant presentation. TheIndividually wrapped pastries are neatly tucked in Dulcet’s gift box and sealed with a ribbon.
A VARIETY of Rich Flavors: Roll in the Viennese table and enjoy the cinnamon & chocolate, fruit jam and cocoa. You’ve got it all in one tasty package. This collection is a real feast for the eyes, and palate.
EXCELLENT GIFT CHOICES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Whether it’s to say thank you, I love your or even to share remembrance and consideration this gift box is sure to bring smiles to any recipient.
THE ART OF FINE BACKING: This collection of high-quality pastries is a testament to the art and science of fine baking. Bursting with unique flavors, we guarantee the world’s tastiest pastries.

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