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Familia Low-Fat Muesli Cereal, 21-Ounce Box


Light and crispy muesli blend with maximum flavor and minimum fat and calories
Excellent source of fiber and whole grains for long-lasting energy
Quick and convenient meal option that tastes great over milk or yogurt


Familia Low-Fat Muesli CerealOffers the traditional SwissMuesli is a delicious, healthy snack that has very little calories and fat. ThisThis light, crispy and healthy blend is great when combined with low-fat yogurt. Familiais the pioneering and most prominent producer of traditional SwissCereals ProducedIn the picturesque setting of the stunning SwissMountains FamiliaProduces healthy cereals for the whole of the family for more than 50 years. WithA wide variety of delicious products are available, including original muesli and crunchy low-fat Granola. Familia offers an option to suit anyone’s taste!

LightCrispy muesli with maximum flavor, minimum fat, and calories
ExcellentLong-lasting energy source: Whole grains and fiber
QuickThis is a convenient meal option that tastes better than milk or yogurt
Non-GMO ProjectVerified
ProductOf Switzerland

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