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FAST BRANDS White Chocolate Cookies & Cream, 20 Gram Protein Bars (Pack of 12)


INDULGE IN: Silky Smooth Layers of Cookies & Cream and Crispy Rice Wrapped in Rich White Chocolate
DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: Carefully Crafted with the Highest Quality Standards for a Perfect Balance of Great Taste and Superior Nutrition
WHAT’S IN THE BARS: Top-Shelf Flavor Profile and Textures with 20 grams of Protein, Low Sugar, Low Carbs and NO GMOs



Flavor Name&White Chocolate Cookies | Cream:Size12(*) (1.CountFAST PackThis is not your standard protein bar.

It combines the delicious textures and flavors of creamy cookies cream, crispy rice crisps and silky white chocolate. Brands White Chocolate Cookies CreamThis bar is protein-packed and delicious with a nutritional value that is as impressive as its taste. ItIf you want to make better choices and not compromise on your taste, this is the way to go. FAST TheProtein bars are a simple and delicious way to give your body the necessary protein to build and retain muscle. WhenOne for a quick, energy-packed snack or to treat yourself during a mindful coffee break. FAST BrandsProtein bars can satisfy your cravings and provide you with the nutrition you need in order to stay on track to your fitness and/or snack-time goalsGrab

& Silky Smooth LayersAnd CookiesIn Cream
DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS Crispy Rice WrappedWith the Rich White ChocolateFor more information about a Carefully CraftedOf Highest Quality StandardsAnd Perfect Balance
WHAT’S IN THE BARS: Great Taste-Superior NutritionAnd TopWith 20 grams Shelf Flavor Profile. Textures. ProteinGMOs are not allowed
WHO ARE WE? Low SugarFAST Low Carbs. WeAn active lifestyle is central to who we are. We aim to support a better person every day by encouraging a more active lifestyle.
WHAT YOU GET 12 BrandsTo Living

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