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Forager Project Organic Gluten-Free Breakfast Cereal, 4 Pack Variety – Low Sugar, 4g of Protein, Vegan (2x Chocolate, 2x…


GLUTEN FREE & GRAIN FREE. All the classic cereal goodness you love, minus the grains and gluten. Our gluten-free cereal is made from nutrient-rich cassava root and navy bean.
LOW SUGAR. Loaded with protein, fiber, and flavor—not sugar—these yummy Os help you rise and shine. Our crunchy Grain-free cereal are sprinkled with just a touch of sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth while powering you up.
ORGANIC. Organic food is not just better for our health, but better for the environment. Made with wholesome, natural ingredients, our cereal is certified USDA organic.


Flavor Name:Chocolate&Cinnamon | Size:4 Piece Assortment

Start Your DayWith Grain-Free Goodness

LovedCereal is a great snack and a breakfast staple for kids and adults. ButIf
you’ve ever been brave enough to read the ingredient list, you likely noticed lots of sugar and
Artificial flavors

InsteadWhy not get up and do something? Forager Project’s Organic Grain-Free Cereal Os? CrunchyDelicious
They are low sugar and provide the nostalgia you want without empty calories. EachPlace your order
Includes 2 boxes Cinnamon2 boxes of ChocolateTreat your taste buds to a bowl
All goodness. PerfectEach flavor is delicious for breakfast and mid-day snacking.
It is satisfying.

WithOur cereal is deliciously healthy with toasted cassava root, navy beans, and other nutritious ingredients. PackedWith
It is rich in protein and fiber, which gives your body the energy boost it needs. CertifiedVegan and dairy-free
All of our recipes are made using sustainable ingredients. NotIt not only reduces our environmental impact,
It can have a positive impact on your life and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

MadeIn small batches CaliforniaEvery box is filled with goodness. Certified
We use only organic USDA soy, wheat, and gluten-free products.

Why Choose Our Grain-Free Cereal Os?

– LowAlternative to traditional cereals: -sugar
2 delicious flavors included with every order
– MadeWith wholesome navy beans, cassava root
– VeganSustainable ingredients, plant-based
– USDA organic, grain, soy, and gluten-free

GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE AllAll the classic cereal goodness, but without the grains or gluten. OurGluten-free cereal is made with nutrient-rich navy bean and cassava root.
LOW SUGAR Loaded with protein, fiber, and flavor—not sugar—these yummy OsHelp you shine and rise. OurIt was crunchy GrainSprinkled with just a little sugar, -free cereal will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you energized.
ORGANIC OrganicFood is better for our health and the environment. MadeOur cereal is USDA Organic certified. It contains healthy, natural ingredients.
VEGAN & PLANT BASED. Using a unique blend of plants we’ve created a healthy cereal that is loaded with protein and fiber with minimal sugar.
FORAGER PROJECT, a family-owned organic food company that creates plant-based foods, is operated by FORAGER PROJECT. CaliforniaSince 2013. OurOur mission is to improve the health of humans and the planet by creating organic, plant-based whole food products.

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