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Four Elephants Premium Lychee in Syrup (3) – Real Fruit Harvested At Peak Season | Natural Ingredient For Drinks… Price: $29.29 (as of 09/04/2023 17:33 PST- Details)


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Four ElephantsHigh-quality AsianFamilies looking for authentic tastes in food NotOnly elephants can be compared to the surrounding areas. Asia where we source some of our ingredients and get our culinary inspiration from, but each one of the four elephants in our company name represents one of our values: authenticity, excellence, flavor, and family.

Our Company Values

Authenticity We sell many products AsianFamilies eat dinner almost every night. OurFoods are not a trendy trend or mis-representation of AsianCulture Four Elephants’ rice, coconut milk, fish sauce, and other products are pantry staples you’ll come to depend on.

Excellence because we source our ingredients directly from regions of AsiaWith a reputation for quality.

Flavor because if it doesn’t taste good, then nothing else matters. WeWhen possible, you should use organic and non GMO products.

Family because Four ElephantsOur family-owned business is proud to offer value for families. WeYou can sell many sizes of packages to meet your needs. We also create innovative packaging whenever possible for better convenience.

You don’t have to compromise on the rice, sauces, and the other Asian foods you crave. At Four ElephantsWe connect you with the same high quality foods that we eat every day

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