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Fudge of the Month Club – 6 Month Subscription – 2 Pounds each month


2 pounds of fudge delivered each month
Deliveries last for 6 months
Only The Highest Quality Ingredients


Style:6 Month Subscription

January- Peanut Butter?amp; Maple Walnut February- Vanilla& Mint Chocolate March- Penuche Walnut& Chocolate April- Layered& Maple Walnut May- Chocolate Walnut& Penuche June- Chocolate Peanut Butter?amp; Peanut Butter July- Maple Walnut?amp; Chocolate August- Peanut Butter& Vanilla September- Penuche?amp; Chocolate Peanut Butter October- Penuche Walnut?amp; Layered November- Pumpkin?amp; Chocolate Walnut December- Rocky Road& Mint Chocolate OurFresh handcrafted fudge is sent to you and your lucky gift recipient each month. ShipmentsYour request will be honored on the requested date and continue for 6 consecutive months. YourYour first shipment will include a welcome note that explains the length of your membership and gives you a calendar listing the fudge flavors each month. This will let you know what to look forward to. EachBox contains two individually wrapped flavors (1 PoundEach. ThankThank you for considering joining Hall’s Fudge ClubYou can!

Each month, 2 pounds of fudge are delivered
DeliveriesLasts for 6 months
Only The Highest Quality Ingredients
Made Fresh To Order
No Preservatives

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