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Gift Basket Village Gourmet Breakfast Gift Crate with Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Blueberry, 5 Piece Set


✔ IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL – This breakfast gift basket features the tastiest buttermilk pancake mix anywhere and plenty of delicious toppings for them
✔ BREAKFAST DESSERT? IT”S A THING!! – Once they finish off this basket it will be well understood what the term “Breakfast Dessert” is all about
✔ DESSERT TOPPINGS TOO – Don’t let breakfast steel the show, these mouthwatering syrups can be put over any dessert


AllThis breakfast flavor is packed in a gift crate YesIt’s true. We’veThis gift crate is loaded with some of the best breakfast fixin’s that you can find anywhere.

ImagineThe most plump and juiciest berries from the vine are carefully picked, then turned into the freshest fruit toppings to buttermilk pancakes. IfThis sounds great! Imagine the pure joy of being the one to receive this breakfast gift basket. YesIt’s fine to eat breakfast for dinner.

ThisGourmet breakfast crate Features:

Buttermilk Pancake Mix(Just add water)
8oz BottleThis is Mouthwatering Blueberry Syrup(from (*()Georgia8oz
This is BottleOr Strawberry Syrup Breakfast(from (*()Dessert ToppingIt’s one of our most flavorful breakfast recipes. GeorgiaThey don’t have to have it for breakfast only.

✔It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL. NotBreakfast gift basket contains the best buttermilk pancake mix available and lots of delicious toppings
✔BREAKFAST DESSERT It’s a thing! –

They will finish this basket and it will be easy to understand what the term “This”Is all about
✔DESSERT TOPPINGS, TOO OnceThese mouthwatering syrups are great for breakfast, and can be used over any dessert.
✔A CORPORATE FAVORITE AVAILABLE BULK – Breakfast DessertOur corporate customers will love it, but our friends and family will appreciate it.
✔MADE IN THE USA Don’tMade in the USA Priced? HandYour order will be processed and your basket shipped the same day.
Gift Basket Village: Florida

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