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Glico Pretz Sweet Corn Baked Snack Sticks – 1.09 ounce (Pack of 10)


Sweet and buttery corn flavored biscuit sticks will satisfy your cravings for munchies.
Crispy and lightly baked.
10 pack/tray (1.09 ounces/pack).


GLICO Pretz Sweet Corn Flavored Baked Snack Sticks31 grams/1.09 OuncesPackOf 10)
Ezaki Glico Pretz Sweet CornLightly sweet and mildly salty with a strong, buttery corn flavor. ImagineGrill some buttery corn! That’s the taste. Don’t underestimate the light biscuits sticks! TheyThey can be very satisfying.

SweetYou will be satisfied with buttery corn-flavored biscuit sticks.
CrispyLightly baked
10 pack/tray (1.09oz/pack).

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