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Halal’s Best – Beef Stick Variety (12 PACK), Halal Meat Snack, 7g of protein, Gluten Free


Certified Halal Beef Sticks, Produced in the USA
12 Sticks of different flavors (4 Original, 2 Jalapeno, 2 Red Pepper, 2 Cracked Black Pepper, 2 Cajun)
Made with premium natural ingredients with 100% Angus Chuck Beef & Natural Beef Casing


All Halal’s Best Beef SticksCertified HalalProduced in the USA WeUse 100% Angus ChuckBlend it with real spices and pieces of JalapenoYou can! OurBeef sticks are made with premium beef cuts and clean ingredients.

AllAll of our products are made with Zabiha HalalWe are certified by Halal TransactionsOf OmahaOne of the most respected Halal CertifyingThere are many bodies around the world.

Certified Halal Beef Sticks? ProducedUSA
12 SticksDifferent flavors Original2 Jalapeno, 2 Red Pepper2 Cracked Black Pepper?, 2 (*()
CajunWith premium natural ingredients and 100% satisfaction Made? Angus Chuck BeefOf Natural Beef Casing
FreeMSG Gluten? Soy? Diary? Sugar
90 7gNitrates 0g| 7g Calories | 0g Protein(per stick)

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