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Harry London Buckeyes Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Candy Bulk (1-LB Bag)


Each Buckeye is individually wrapped in a gleaming red and silver wrapper
There are approximately 33 smooth milk chocolate and peanut butter Buckeyes per pound
Chocolate Buckeyes are the unofficial candy of Ohio, and are a great treat to have at tailgate parties



Size1(*) (1)PoundA bulk bag of PackThis sweet treat of creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate will not last long.

bite is the perfect combination for mouthwatering peanut butter & milk chocolate. Harry London’sThis tribute pays tribute to EachState tree, resembling the buckeye with delicious milk chocolate and peanut butter cream center. A tradition. ItNatives and OhioFans! Ohio:(*) (Ohio State. Kosher Dairy Ingredients. Milk Chocolate. Sugar. Cocoa Butter. Chocolate Liquor(an(*)) and Milk). Whole Milk Powder (Soy Lecithin. Emulsifier. Vanilla. White Confection. Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernal Oil-Nonfat MilkThis is Whole Milk(an Partially Hydrogenated Palm Oil( Glycerol. Lacto Esters.(*)). Fatty Acids (Emulsifier. Soy Lecithin. Vanilla, SaltOUl(*) (Peanut Butter. Peanuts. Dextrose. Salt. Hydrogenated Cottonseed. Confectionary ChipsAnd Sugar. Partially Defatted Peanut FlourInformation about nutrition provided by the manufacturer. These information are believed to be accurate at the time of posting. Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernal OilTo order labeling, or contact the manufacturer directly for current information, Nonfat Dry MilkTo ensure maximum heat protection, cold packs will be sent to those who order expedited.DextroseEach package is individually wrapped in a shimmering red-and-silver wrapper
Soy LecithinThere are approximately 33 varieties of peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate SaltOne pound
IngredientsThese are the unofficial sweets of ReferThese are great for tailgate parties and are a wonderful treat

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