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Hershey’s All Chocolate Pieces, 150 Pcs, 90 Ounce Bag


90 ounce bag
150 count
Great for the office, lunch snacks or for handouts for the kids


Size:150 Count (Pack of 1)

All Chocolate 150 Piece Halloween Chocolate Candy Assortment Fun Size Candy Bars. Delicious assortment contains 150 items of varied enjoyable measurement candies. Includes M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Snickers,Reeses PB Cups, Kit Kat wafers, Butterfingers, Hersheys Milk Chocolate, Baby Ruth, Crunch Bars, and Almond Joy.

90 ounce bag
150 rely
Great for the workplace, lunch snacks or for handouts for the children
It’s all of your favourite enjoyable sized treats from Hershey-nestle

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