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HERSHEY’S NUGGETS Assorted Chocolate Candy, Bulk, 33.9 oz Party Bag


Contains one (1) 31.5-ounce bag of assorted HERSHEY’S NUGGETS Candies, including HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Mildly Sweet Chocolate with Almonds, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Toffee
Fill your snack drawers, candy dishes, camping supplies and to-go snack bag with HERSHEY’S assorted chocolates any adventure buddy will love
Kosher-certified chocolate candies individually wrapped in vibrant silver and gold foils for lasting freshness and a gorgeous, sophisticated appearance


Style:HERSHEY’S NUGGETS Assorted Party Bag

ThisHERSHEY’S NUGGETS is a collection of delicious chocolate treats that any chocolate lover will love. These include HERSHEY’S Special Dark mildly sweet chocolate without almonds, milk chocolate and milk chocolate with nuts, as well as extra creamy milk chocolat with almonds and toffee. EachTwo-bite candy is a delicious, creamy chocolate wrapped in beautiful silver or gold foil. DressFor an instant gift, set your kitchen table with a bowl of HERSHEY’S NUGGETS goodies. You can also surprise your coworkers by giving them a full candy dish or a few of these treats in a party bag. AssortedHERSHEY’S NUGGETES candies make a great snack for movie marathons or game nights. TheseChocolates are perfect for any holiday. Halloween EasterTo Christmas Valentine’s Day. NoNo matter where you are this year, or who you end up with, keep some mixed candy candies around to spice up parties, networking events and family gatherings. We’ll be there when you’re done munching.

ContainsOne (1) bag of HERSHEY’S NUGGETS in a 31.5-ounce size CandiesHERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Mildly Sweet ChocolateWith Almonds. Milk Chocolate. Milk ChocolateWith Almonds Extra Creamy Milk ChocolateWith Almonds Toffee
FillYour snack drawers and candy dishes, camping supplies, and to-go snack bags with HERSHEY’S assorted chocolates will be a hit with your adventure buddy.
KosherIndividually wrapped in vibrant gold and silver foils, these chocolate candies are certified organic. They have a beautiful, sophisticated appearance.
GiveAll the year’s best baked goods get a little extra sweetness by adding a HERSHEY’S NUGGETS chocolate bars to each special treat.
MeltYou can enjoy a melt-in your-mouth snacking and on-the go snacking with superior selection of creamy, decadent chocolates in HERSHEY’S NUGGETS perfect two-bite portions

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