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HERSHEY’S Oh Henry! Chocolatey Candy Bars,, 24Count ()


Is loaded with the Colossal combination of the delicious ingredients that you want
Country string: Canada
Package Dimensions: 25.4 L x 8.0 H x 19.0 W (centimeters)


Oh HenryIt’s possible! Candy BarIt is a delicious combination of big, crunchy peanuts, creamy caramel and chewy Fudge. CoveredWith a chocolatey coating It’sDelicious combination of ingredients for delicious food AllYou will feel energized and satisfied by your senses.

IsLoaded with the ColossalCombination of the delicious ingredients you desire
CountryString: Canada
Package Dimensions: 25.4 Lx 8.0 Hx 19.0 W (centimeters).

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