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HighKey Keto Chocolate Turtles Candy – Dark Chocolate Almond Caramel Clusters – 6 Pcs – Low Carb Snacks for Weight Loss…


Calorie conscious & low sugar chocolate – Each serving contains only 3g net carbs, less than 1g of sugar, 8g fiber and 110 calories! We’ve crafted the perfect dark chocolate caramel candy that will serve as a diet snack, keto candy, low calorie chocolate, and gluten free low sugar snacks! These keto sweets are HighKey’s take on caramel nut clusters but without the added sugar and carbs! Enjoy anytime as they are individually wrapped and come with 6 delicious servings per box.
Diet friendly – We believe in making delicious food that everyone can enjoy. Our chocolate turtles are built to serve as gluten free caramel clusters, diabetic snacks, paleo desserts, low carb dessert, ketogenic sweets and healthy chocolate candy. Ditch your mainstream brand chocolate snacks and upgrade to our keto diet snacks so you never sacrifice sweets to follow a diet again! Freedom to snack without the extra carbs, extra sugar and guilt.
Gluten free keto snacks – Enjoy gluten free low carb snacks anytime of day! These caramel almond clusters are sized and packaged to fit anywhere. Each box has 6 individually wrapped dark chocolate almond caramel clusters so you can grab and go. Compare to gluten free diet snacks, gluten free chocolate, gluten free candy, and gluten free dessert. Our chocolate nut clusters are packed with real and fresh ingredients so the only time you’ll miss out is when you run out!


Calorie conscious & low sugar chocolate – EachServing contains only 3g net carbs. There is less than 1g sugar, 8g fiber, 110 calories, and 3g net carbs. We’veThe perfect dark chocolate caramel candy can be used as a keto candy, diet snack, low-calorie chocolate, or gluten-free low sugar snacks. TheseHighKey’s keto sweets are a highkey version of caramel nut clusters, but without added sugar or carbs! EnjoyThey can be used anytime, as they come individually wrapped and include 6 delicious servings.
DietFriendly – WeBelieve in delicious food that everyone will enjoy. OurThese chocolate turtles can be used to make healthy chocolate candy, diabetic snacks and ketogenic sweets. DitchYour favorite mainstream brand chocolate snacks, and an upgrade to our keto diet snacks, so you never have to sacrifice sweets for a healthy diet! FreedomIt is possible to snack without adding carbs, sugar, and guilt.
GlutenFree keto snacks EnjoyYou can eat gluten-free low-carb snacks any time of the day! TheseThese caramel almond clusters can be easily sized and placed anywhere. EachYou will receive 6 individually wrapped dark chocolat almond caramel clusters. CompareGluten-free desserts, chocolate, candy, and snacks. OurClusters of chocolate nuts are packed with fresh and real ingredients, so you won’t miss out if they run out!
Wholesome ingredients – TheseOur chocolate candy snacks are made using our sweetener blend of erythritol (allulose) and stevia extract. ContainsNatural vanilla flavor, cocoa butter and fresh almonds. ComparableTo chocolate-covered turtles, almond turtles and caramel chocolate candy. UseThis caramel almond candy can be used as a topping to your favorite ice-cream or eaten on its own. MadeThis low-carb chocolate treat is made with crunchy almonds and gooey caramel.
Healthy sweet snacks – AtHighKey is a kitchen master who constantly creates new creations for our customers! OurThese keto-friendly snacks are delicious and easy to eat. WeWe specialize in keto cookies, keto desserts, low carb cookies, gluten-free cookies and many other things! CheckCheck out our keto protein cereals, keto baking mix and low carb bread mix. Also, check out our keto biscuit mix, keto pancake mix, low-carb bread mix, keto muffin mix, keto cake mix, keto biscuit mixture, vegan breakfast bars, keto oatmeal and low-carb cake!

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