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Honduras Chocolate Company Variety Pack of Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bars, 65%, 70%, 75% and 80% Cacao, 2.7 Ounce (Pack of…


ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS: organically-grown Honduran cacao and pure cane sugar; nothing artificial, ever.
NEVER BITTER: thanks to hand-selected high quality beans perfectly blended based on flavor profiles.
SOCIAL IMPACT: we pay our farmers better than fair trade prices & manufacture in our local factory.



Flavor NameVariety pack of single-origin gourmet dark chocolate bars Variety Pack

ThisThey have a respective 65%, 70%/75%, 75%, 75%, and 80% cacao content for intense chocolate flavor with sweet finish. Honduras Chocolate CompanyThey are naturally vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut free, and made with the best organically grown and harvested ingredients They-GMO cacao NonYou can satisfy your chocolate cravings with hand-crafted chocolate that is directly from the soil-rich IndulgeFor your palette, rainforest. Central American company’s goal is to put OurIt is helping to put the world’s finest chocolate on the map, and also making a difference in lives of small-holder farmers who often have less than 2 acres and are unable to access the international market. Honduras pay them higher than fair trade prices and provide them with essential business training, micro-loans and access to farming resources. WeNet result: Better chocolate for you and a positive, sustainable solution to a country that is rich in culture, but has limited financial resources. TheSmall batches are ideal for gifting, baking or savoring individual pieces by chocolate lovers.These
ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS – organically grown

Pure cane sugar and cacao; nothing artificial.
Never Bite: This is possible because of hand-selected high-quality beans that are perfectly blended based off flavor profiles.
SOCIAL IMPACT – We pay our farmers less than fair trade prices & make our products in our local factories.
AWARD-WINNING PRODUCT: Recognized in 2019 by GOLD prizes Honduran.
CONTAINS The International Chocolate SalonSubtly sweet, 2.7oz bars of premium dark chocolate with 65%, 70% and 75% cacao.

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