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Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted, Heart Healthy, Low Fat, made with Whole Grain Cereal, 28 Ounce Box


Excellent source of Iron, Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate (DFE), Vitamin B12
Low in fat and a cholesterol free breakfast cereal
14 grams of whole grains per serving


Honey BunchesThis is Oats Honey RoastedThe original classic. ForDecades Honey BunchesThis is Oats Honey RoastedIt has created delicious and satisfying bowls with crispy flakes, crunchy clusters of oats, and a touch honey. We’veOur crunchy granola assortments were paired with crunchy oat clusters. TheThe result is something that both children and adults will love. Plus. Honey BunchesThis is Oats Honey RoastedIt is packed with 14 grams whole grains and a good source for 10 essential vitamins. WithWith so many nutrients packed into each bowl, your breakfast will be a healthy start every day. PourGet a bowl of Honey BunchesThis is OatsBreakfast Don’tDo not forget to try our breakfast cereal flavors!

ExcellentSource Iron. VitaminA. Thiamin. Riboflavin. Niacin. VitaminB6 Folate(DFE) VitaminB12
LowIn fat and a cholesterol-free breakfast cereal
14 grams whole grains per serving
Contains VitaminD. Zinc
Has10 essential vitamins, minerals
Enjoy delicious cereal for breakfast, snack, or anytime.

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