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Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula, Dairy Based Powder Infant Formula with Iron, Non-GMO, Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA, 32…


Organic formula that is easy to digest and nutritionally complete for baby’s first twelve months
All lactose milk based powder formulation; our closest formula to breast milk, no added corn syrup solids. Water assisted extracted DHA
Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA fatty acids naturally found in breast milk to support brain and eye development, Iron for healthy development



Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula With DHA & ARA Is Made With High Quality Protein. Carbohydrates. Vitamins. Minerals Essential Fatty Acids. Including Omega3 Dha Omega6 ARA Fatty Acids. Special Nutrients FoundIn Breast Milk Clinically ShownTo Be CriticalTo Baby’s Mental Visual Development. If You Choose Formula. Even If JustTo Supplement Breastfeeding. This EasyTo Digest Infant Powder Formula WithIRON Meets AllFDA RequirementsFor Infant Nutrition WithThe Added BenefitOf Being Organic. The Earth’s Best Brand UsesYou can find more information at Unique Formula ThatIs Made Without Prohibited Synthetic Pesticides Fertilizers. Nutritionally Complete. This Infant Formula ProvidesThe Essential Nutrients RequiredFor more information, please contact the FDA Infant FeedingFor Babies DuringThe First12 MonthsOf Life. This Product Is AvailableIn a 32 Ounce Can. All Infant Formulas SoldThe U.S. MeetFDA Requirements.

OrganicFormula that is easy for babies to digest and nutritiously complete for their first twelve months
AllOur closest formula to breastmilk; a powder formulation based on lactose milk. WaterDHA extracted assisted
Omega3 DHA Omega6 ARA fatty acid naturally found in breastmilk to support brain and eye development IronFor healthy development
With Lutein for Eyes Prebiotic FructooligosaccharidesFor Immunity
NonGMO ingredients Kosher; MadeWithout prohibited synthetic pesticides & fertilizers
No artificial growth hormones (NoThere is a significant difference in the quality of milk derived from non-rbST-treated and rbST –

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