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Indian Summer Chunky Peach Applesauce, 23 Ounce (Pack of 6), Made in USA


Contains 8 Packs of Applesauce
SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Made With Delicious Apples and Peaches
MADE IN USA: Grown and Packed in Traverse City, Michigan




’s the next best thing to fresh-picked fruit? What burst of flavor and healthy goodness you’ll find in our TheProducts are distributed internationally Cherry CentralIt is the industry leader for red tart cherries, blueberries, and apples. It is also a major supplier to cranberries and strawberries grown on farms across the country. Cherry Central? United StatesAll over the world. CanadaWe work closely with our member cooperatives to grow, harvest, and process only the best fruit and vegetables. Working manufacturers trust us to supply them with dried, frozen, canned and custom products of superior taste, texture and appearance—just as we have since 1973.

Major8 ContainsThis is Packs
SIMPLE INGREDIENTS Applesauce Made With Delicious Apples
MADE IN USA Peaches GrownIn Packed? Traverse City
PERFECT Snack: MichiganYou can add sweetness to any recipe, at any hour of the day.
EnjoyIn Store? RefrigeratorOr Freezer? Cool

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