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Jelina Chocolatier | 5 Pack 72% Dark Chocolate Bar Variety Pack – Sea Salt, Dark, Espresso, Coconut & Cocoa Nibs | Fair…


Enjoy a delicious, ultra-premium variety pack of 72% dark chocolate in our essential flavors: Sea Salt, Midnight (Solid Dark), Bold Espresso, Coconut & Cocoa Nibs. Made simply with the finest ingredients, this chocolate bar offers the perfect blend of palette-pleasing dark Belgian chocolate with the refreshing burst of real coconut in every bite.
Send a box of delicious, gourmet Easter chocolate to your family and friends near or far. Each chocolate bar is divided into tempting bite-size chocolate squares.
Since 1985, Jelina Chocolatier has been producing premium chocolates and confections for the North American market. By using only the finest of ingredients, we have no need to add oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavors or anything artificial in our products.


EnjoyA delicious, premium variety pack of 72% dark chocolaty chocolate in our most popular flavors. Sea Salt.(*) (Midnight). Solid Dark, Bold Espresso& Coconut. Cocoa NibsThis chocolate bar is made with the finest ingredients and offers the perfect balance of dark and sweet. MadeEvery bite of chocolate will be infused with real coconut flavor.
BelgianA box of gourmet, delicious snacks SendSending chocolate to family and friends across the globe is a great idea. EasterThe chocolate bar is divided into delicious bite-size chocolate squares.
Each1985 SinceProduces premium chocolates, confections for over 50 years Jelina ChocolatierMarket North AmericanWe only use the best ingredients and do not add any oils, emulsifiers or preservatives to our products.
ByYou deserve chocolate made with the highest quality ingredients and without any added oils, emulsifiers or preservatives. YouThe proof is in the flavor that will keep you coming back.
TheOur commitment to creating a chocolate experience that is delicious and satisfying for our customers is demonstrated by the high-quality ingredients we use and the care we take in our production processes. Jelina ChocolatierMaintain a steady hand WeAll-Peanut-Free Facility

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