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Jenny Craig Recharge Bar – Nut and Honey: Macadamia Nuts, Almonds & Pecans Drizzled with Honey, (14 Pack)


RECHARGE BAR: Macadamia Nuts, Almonds & Pecans Drizzled with Honey. Recharge and support your intermittent fasting routine with this delicious bar made with simple ingredients like nuts and honey.
NUTRITION: Vegetarian, 190 calories, 16.0g total fat, 4g dietary fiber, 3g protein.
SATISFACTION & PERSONALIZATION: Combine the delicious Jenny Craig menu with fresh & free additions that are rich in water and fiber to keep you feeling full longer with fewer calories.



Size14(*) (1)Count

? Macadamia NutsWith Almonds. Pecans DrizzledThis delicious bar is simple to make and will help you support your intermittent fasting.
NUTRITION Honey190 calories, 16.0g of total fat, 4g dietary Fiber, 3g Protein
SATISFACTION & PERSONALIZATION RechargeThe delicious VegetarianMenu with fresh and free additions that are high in fiber and water to keep you fuller for longer periods of time with fewer calories.
HEALTHY CAN TASTE GREAT: Combine you eat plays a critical role in weight loss success so we’re committed to having the best possible food to help make losing weight easier.
JENNY CROW: Jenny Craig passionate about improving others’ lives and making weight loss easier with great-tasting food, unparalleled support and the latest science-backed strategies.

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