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Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Breakfast Cereal, Honey Nut, Made with Real Honey, Kids Breakfast, 13.7 oz Box (6 Boxes)


Start your morning with Tony the Tiger and the delicious taste of crunchy corn flakes with a sparkle of sweet honey nut flavored frosting in every bite
Treat your family to this delicious cereal that’s perfect for both kids and adults
A healthy cereal with an excellent source of 7 vitamins and minerals in every 1 cup serving; Kosher Pareve


BoxesYour day starts right with

StartThe TonyAnd TigerA delicious cereal that will make you smile with every bite. Kellogg’s Honey Nut Frosted FlakesPerfectly cooked with honey, this breakfast will leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day. SweetenedDelicious cereal is a great way to get your morning started. Each serving also contains 7 vitamins and minerals. ThisOnly for breakfast NotA tasty and nutritious snack or meal that can be added to any meal or snack at any hour of the day. Kellogg’s Honey Nut Frosted FlakesTake in a snack at work, get reenergized with a postworkout treat, then indulge in a late-night bowlful sweet, crunchy cereal. EnjoyIt can also be used as a base for a homemade trail mix or as an addition to your favorite yogurt. The possibilities are endless! It’s a travel-friendly food. Kellogg’s Honey Nut Frosted FlakesThis is the perfect companion for lunchboxes or busy, on the-go moments. Kellogg’s Frosted FlakesAdd your favorite dairy- or plant-based milk to the mix, or simply enjoy it as a crispy treat right out of the box.JustStart your day with

StartThe TonyYou will love the crunchy flavor of cornflakes with a touch of honey nut flavored frosting in every bite
TigerThis delicious cereal is great for kids and adults. Treat your family to it!
Healthy cereal that provides 7 vitamins and minerals per cup. TreatWith your favorite milk Kosher Pareve
EnjoyIt’s a great snack for work, after school, and late-night treats.
Makes6 13.7-ounce containers of delicious Includescereal Frosted Flakes Honey NutCereal packed for freshness and great flavor

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