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Kellogg’s Special K Pastry Crisps, Strawberry, 5.28 oz, 12 Crisps (Pack of 8, 96 crisps)


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the irresistible taste of strawberry flavored pastry crisps; Made with a flaky crust, drizzle of frosting, and delicious strawberry flavored filling
Sweet, delicious, fully baked pastry crisps that are ready to eat any time of day; A perfectly portable treat whenever you need it
100 calories per pouch; Kosher dairy; Contains wheat, milk, and soy ingredients



FlavorK Strawberry

Kellogg’s Special are an indulgent, 100-calorie treat to look forward to with the craveable, fruity flavor that you love. Strawberry Pastry Crisps a well-deserved break during a busy day and bite into a perfectly crumbly crust with a decadent drizzle of frosting and sweet, gooey, strawberry-flavored filling. TakeThese delicious cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth for baked goods SureK Kellogg’s SpecialYou can feel good about savoring these sweet treats. Strawberry Pastry CrispsThis 48-count, 2.64lb case comes in a convenient 48-count size. You can stock your pantry, keep a few at work, or simply keep one in your bag. These pastry crisps are a delicious treat that you can enjoy all by yourself, or share with your friends. They make great gift basket fillers or care packages. WithK Kellogg’s SpecialThese are the perfect snack for any occasion and are a great choice for lunch boxes, afternoon treats and other busy moments that require something sweet and satisfying.Strawberry Pastry CrispsStrawberry flavored pastry crisps will satisfy your sweet tooth;

SatisfyFlaky crust, strawberry-flavored filling, drizzle of frosting
MadeThese delicious, fully baked pastry crispys are ready to eat at any time of the day.
100 calories per pouch Sweetdairy KosherWheat, milk, soy and other ingredients
ContainsEnjoy as a snack or as a treat at work. Or, keep a small box in your car for a quick snack.
Pack1, 2.64 pound case containing 96 crisps, 48 pouches, and 2 ready-to eat pastry crisps per packet; IncludesFor convenience, freshness, great taste, and great taste

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