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Keto Chocolate Bars by Edge, Snack Size, | 78% Dark Chocolate | Vegan, Stevia Sweetened, Diabetic, Low Carb, Sugar Free…


✅ FEED THAT CHOCOLATE CRAVING; SKIP THE GUILT. With only 1.3 Net Carbs per bar, our Stevia Sweetened, 78% cacao dark chocolate bars are designed to enhance your Keto or Low Carb Diet.
✅ GOURMET CHOCOLATE, SWEETENED BY NATURE. Vegan, Soy-Free, non-GMO, and Stevia Sweetened; our Chocolate Bars are made from the finest cocoa, and sweetened naturally with Stevia and Erythritol.
✅ MORE THAN CHOCOLATE, PART OF YOUR JOURNEY. The Edge Team is made up of life enthusiasts like you, so each bar is individually wrapped to support your on-the-go lifestyle or the next adventure.


✅FEED THE CHOCOLATE CRAVING; SKIP THINGS. WithOnly 1.3 Net CarbsPer bar, our Stevia Sweetened78% cacao dark chocolate bars are made to enhance your experience. KetoOr Low Carb Diet.
✅GOURMET CHOCOLATE SWEETENED BY NATURE Vegan? Soy-Free, non GMO, and Stevia Sweetened; our Chocolate BarsThese are made with the finest cocoa and naturally sweetened with SteviaAnd Erythritol.
✅MORE THAN CHOCOLATE. PART of YOUR JOURNEY. The Edge TeamLife enthusiasts like you make up the majority of our bars. Each bar is wrapped individually to support your active lifestyle and next adventure.
✅FINE CHOCOLATES FIT ANY OCCASION Edge Keto Friendly? Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate BarsThey are the perfect guilt-free snack. UseYou can snack on a dessert tray or pack it with a lunch for a special treat.
✅ADD TO CARR NOW AND JOIN EDGE CHOCOLATE RECOVERY! Don’t forget to add a box as a gift for your favorite foodie or chocolate lover! OurA standout box is ideal for gifting

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