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KIND Healthy Snack Bar, Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond, 5g Sugar | 5g Protein, Gluten Free Bars, 1.4 OZ, 12 Count


Contains 12 – 1.4oz KIND Bars
Nutritionally dense bars lead with heart healthy almonds as the #1 ingredient
Whole nuts, almonds, dark chocolate, and coffee combine for uncompromisingly, delicious kosher snacks


Flavor Name:Peanut Butter Whole Grain | Size:12Count (Pack of 1)

These bars are where our journey started and it was simple: whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey.

Contains 12 – 1.4oz KIND(*)As the #1 ingredient, dense bars should be topped with heart healthy almonds
NutritionallyDelicious kosher snacks made with nuts, almonds and dark chocolate are made with coffee, dark chocolate, and nuts
WholeThese nutrition bars are available anywhere you go
Take snack bar contains 5 grams of sugar, 5 grams of protein, and is high in fiber* *Each15g of fat in each bar

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