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Korovka Chocolate Wafer Cookies with Chocolate Glaze in Individual Wraps 8.8oz/250g Gourmet Imported Russian Candy…


Crispy and fresh baked Korovka Wafer Cookies layered with delicious Chocolate Cream perfect for snacking, school lunches, on-the-go snack and a light evening dessert.
Delicious bite size Wafer Cookies (only 5 grams each) Imported directly from Russia to the U.S..
Famous KOROVKA brand by RotFront Factory


Dark ChocolateCovered wafers Dark ChocolateWafers are a fun treat to enjoy when you’re hungry or have a craving for something. SweetIt is also delicious AndAs long as you are having them, they may as well be covered with delicious Chocolate

CrispyFresh baked Korovka Wafer CookiesLayered with delicious Chocolate CreamIdeal for snacking, school lunches or light evening desserts.
DeliciousTake a bite Wafer Cookies(only 5 grams per piece) ImportedYou can order directly from RussiaTo the U.S.
FamousRotFront – KOROVKA brand Factory
ConvenientPackage of 250g/8.8oz

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