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Lakanto Chocolate Syrup – Sugar Free, Sweetened with Monkfruit Sweetener, Zero Net Carbs, Keto Diet Friendly, Vegan…


Enhance Your Favorite Treats: Perfect for topping ice cream sundaes, drizzling on your favorite snacks, making chocolate milk, and preparing other sweet, sugar-free desserts and treats.
Contains Zero Net Carbs and Lower Calories: All-natural, zero-glycemic, and gluten-free. Fill your kitchen with a healthy alternative to ordinary sugar products.
Lifestyle Friendly: Works with ketogenic, diabetic, candida, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, low-sugar, and non-GMO diets. *Refridgerate After Opening: For best results, consume within 90 days after breaking safety seal and refrigerate after opening.


Fl OzWe are proud to present

WeIt’s possible! Lakanto Sugar Free Chocolate SyrupIt is perfect sweetened with Lakanto Chocolate SyrupSmooth taste and consistency Lakanto Monkfruit SweetenerYour cravings WhateverIt is the perfect companion for dipping, drizzling and mixing! Lakanto’s Chocolate SyrupIt is a must-have in every kitchen. Lakanto Sugar Free Chocolate SyrupThis delicious topping is a hit with children, women, and men. It can be added to cakes, fruits, and other food and drinks to make tasty, sugar-free recipes. MenDelicious desserts are great for people who are concerned about staying fit. They can also be used in conjunction with vegetarian, vegan, and sugar free lifestyles. ThisThis bottle of chocolatey goodness can be shared with your family and friends. GiftYou can also find tons of other products that are naturally sweetened using monk fruit (also known under the name luohan-guo). LakantoWithout a doubt WithoutIt will hit the sweet spot! Lakanto Chocolate SyrupIt was a thousand years ago OverThe remote mountain highlands of InA group of AsiaMonks are called the BuddhistMeditation and pure living are the keys to enlightenment. LouhanMonks discovered a rare superfood, prized for its sweetness as well as its ability to increase chi (or life energy), which was a sought-after superfood. TheMonk fruit, also known as sacred fruit, was used for centuries to increase chi levels and well-being. It was given the nickname “The Holy Fruit”.This” The Immortals” FruitMonk fruit can be still harvested WeThe same area, according to both traditional and environmental methods. #DiscoverLakantoMission: To bring chi to life through inspiring people to reach their full potential in health and well-being and creating products that are innovative and delicious, natural, nutritious and sugar-free. YourChi Lakanto’sOur website contains news, stories, recipes and inspiration.For:

Enhance Your Favorite TreatsYou can use it to top ice cream sundaes.
Perfect Contains Zero Net Carbs: Lower CaloriesAll natural, zero-glycemic and gluten-free AllA healthy alternative to sugar products for your kitchen.
Fill: Lifestyle FriendlyWith ketogenic, diabetic and candida diets. *Works: Refridgerate After OpeningBest results: Consume within 90 days of breaking safety seal, and refrigerate immediately after opening.
For: Quality IngredientsThe perfect combination of The(erythritol, monk fruit extract, cocoa) and other quality ingredients
Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener: Lakanto’s Mission StatementOur mission is to At LakantoTo Bring ChiBy inspiring people to achieve their highest potential in health & wellness, we create products that are innovative, delicious and natural. LifeEnjoy some of our delicious products today!

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