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Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar, 2.8 oz, 12 Pack


Twelve (12) 2.8 oz. Bar of Lindt EXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
Well-balanced, robust cocoa notes and an exceptionally silky feel in a classic dark chocolate candy bar
Perfect with after dinner drinks, as a gift or for baking chocolate


Flavor Name:95% Cocoa

DiveEnjoy the refined richness and elegance of a LindtEXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate BarWith all your senses. ThisDark chocolate bars with a full-bodied flavor have a rich, dark color, attractive aroma, and a well-balanced cocoa note that is robust but not too intense. They also have a silky feel. TheThis gourmet chocolate is paired perfectly with cabernet sauvignon thanks to the sophisticated flavors of this dark chocolate candy bar. GiveYou can give a dark chocolate candy bar to a chocolate connoisseur or bake with them for intense cocoa flavors in premium chocolate desserts. This LindtDark chocolate bars come in bite-sized pieces, which ensures balanced complexity in every bite. LindtThe passion and craftsmanship behind chocolate are embodied in the masterful crafting of chocolate using high-quality ingredients from internationally-respected regions. Lindt Master Chocolatiers.

Twelve (12) 2.8 oz. BarThis is LindtEXCELLENCE 95% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
WellA classic dark chocolate candy bars with balanced cocoa notes and an extremely silky feel
PerfectAs a gift, or as a recipe for baking chocolate, serve it with after-dinner drinks
ChocolatePre-portioned bars are made into squares to ensure a balanced complexity
MadeWith premium ingredients from world-renowned areas

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