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Lipton Sachets Refreshing Drink Mix .42 oz 12 Tea bags Price: $10.60 (as of 27/11/2022 09:21 PST- Details)

Lipton T+Probiotic Glow sachets are formulated with hibiscus mate tea and vitamin C plus probiotics
Activate the goodness Add two cups a day of this iced herbal tea drink to your wellness routine
Glow from within with this finely ground herbal tea leaves with probiotics featuring iced tea sachets rather than tea bags


Size:12(*) (Count1.Pack | :Style12ctLipton Probiotic GlowHerbal tea

Lipton IcedThis refreshingly balanced blend is made with hibiscus mat and vitamin C. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Glow easy-to-mix individual iced tea sachets that are a great alternative to tea bags it’s the perfect drink to take with you on the go — and one you can enjoy at work in the car or after your workout. InDrink this iced herbal tea to improve your health and wellbeing. GlowBlend contains probiotics Our GlowEnjoy two cups of this delicious tea per day. WeTo get the most out of tea, you should drink it. Lipton so easy to prepare — all you have to do is add it to iced water stir or shake and enjoy It’sThose who have tried stress tea detox tea or other teas will be able to appreciate the benefits of it. Those. Glow was a man on a mission – to share his passion for tea around the world. Thomas LiptonWe believe that everyone deserves high quality, great tasting teas. He over 120 years later that belief is still what drives us – inspiring more flavors more varieties and more love than ever before. AndBlack and green tea leaves can be 100% sustainably sourced. This means that tea farmers around the globe will receive decent wages and access to quality housing education as well as medical care. OurTheir brighter future is teaYourT+

LiptonThe sachets have hibiscus Mate tea and vitamin C plus Probiotics.
Probiotic GlowThe goodness ActivateTwo cups of this iced herbal drink per day can be added to your wellness routine
AddThis finely ground herbal tea leaf with probiotics is a way to get the best from within. It comes in iced tea sachets and not tea bags
GlowTea sachets have mate hibiscus & vitamin C for a refreshing pick me up that you can take anywhere, anytime.
TheseThere are many ways to enjoy the health benefits of tea. NowThese convenient sachets allow you to enjoy a variety of teas.
RefreshinglyOur other TryTeas LiptonGreen tea and sleep tea can be combined with breakfast tea or stress tea. FromThere is a tea to suit your needs, whatever the day brings

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