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Liquid All-u-Lose, Natural Rare Sugar Sweetener, Non-GMO Allulose with Monk-fruit, 11.75 fl. oz.


Great Sweet Taste – Made with all-natural monkfruit juice giving our premium allulose syrup authentic sweet taste
Zero net carbs, zero calories, zero-glycemic impact, zero GMOs, zero artificial ingredients and zero erythritol
Allulose is a rare sugar that occurs naturally in raisins, figs, and other foods. It has virtually no calories, glycemic index of zero, meaning no impact to blood glucose and tastes similar to sugar. Simply subtract grams of allulose from total carbs to get net carbs


EnjoyEverything you love about sweetening your favorite tea or coffee. RealMaple flavored All-uLosesyrup. 90% less calories than other flavored syrups

Great Sweet Taste – MadeAll-natural monkfruit juice gives our premium allulose syrup an authentic sweet taste
ZeroNet carbs, zero calories, no glycemic impact and zero GMOs. Also, there are zero artificial ingredients or erythritol.
AlluloseIt is a rare sugar found naturally in raisins, grapes, and other foods. ItIt has almost no calories and a glycemic index below zero. This means that it has no effect on blood glucose and tastes very similar to sugar. SimplyTo get net carbs, subtract the grams of allulose from the total carbs
Diet Friendly – Keto-friendly Paleo-friendly Vegan-friendly Diabetic-friendly
IndulgeEnjoy the sweetness of life guilt free!

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