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Love & Care Advantage Baby Formula Powder with Iron, 2′-FL HMO for Immune Support, Infant Formula, 12.4 Ounce (Pack of 6…


INFANT IMMUNE SUPPORT: Similar to breast milk, Love & Care Advantage Baby Formula has the prebiotic 2′-FL HMO for infant immune health and digestion; Compare to Similac PRO-ADVANCE Infant Formula
COMPLETE NUTRITION: Love & Care Advantage Baby Formula contains nutrients like those found in breast milk, such as DHA (Omega-3), Lutein and Vitamin E, to support growth, brain and eye development
NO ARTIFICIAL GROWTH HORMONES: Love & Care Advantage Baby Formula’s dairy ingredients come from cows raised without artificial growth hormones; Ingredients are non-GMO and gluten free; Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union – (U)




ComparePRO-ADVANCE Similac. Infant Formula?amp; LoveWith Care Advantage Baby Formula PowderThis product is made especially for babies aged 0-12months. IronPrebiotic 2’FL HMO for infant immune support plus DHA will bring breast milk closer to human milk MadeAnd LuteinE for eye and brain development Vitamin nutrition for your baby’s first year. Complete artificial growth hormones. NoPRO-ADVANCE, a registered trademark of Similac. Abbott Laboratories& LoveDoes not contain the exact same proprietary ingredient mix of prebiotics, nucleotides and lutein as the patented levels. Care Advantage Infant FormulaPRO-ADVANCE SimilacNot genetically engineered. IngredientsSignificant differences have been observed between milk derived from rbST treated and non-rbST treated cows.No

Breast milk Similar& LovePrebiotic 2′-FL HMO is available for infant immune health and digestion Care Advantage Baby FormulaTo ComparePRO-ADVANCE Similac
COMPLETE NUTRITION Infant Formula& LoveContains nutrients similar to those found in breastmilk, such as DHACare Advantage Baby Formula-3 OmegaAnd LuteinE, to support eye, brain, and growth
NO ARTIFICIAL HORMONES: Vitamin& LoveDairy ingredients come from cows that were not subject to artificial growth hormones. Care Advantage Baby Formula’sNon-GMO and gluten-free IngredientsBy the Certified Kosher- (U).
FDA STANDARDS Orthodox UnionAll infant formulas sold in America Like& LoveWith Care Advantage Baby Formula PowderConforms to FDA standards. IronSave!
VITAMINS and MINERALS CompareYour little one’s first year is an exciting time of rapid changes. The?amp; Love-Care Advantage MilkWith Based Baby Formula PowderIt contains 27 vitamins & minerals to support baby nutrition and healthy growth

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