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Love & Care Gentle Baby Formula Milk-Based Powder with Iron, 12 Ounce (Pack of 6)


LOVE & CARE Gentle Baby Formula reduces fussiness, gas and crying; Partially broken down proteins are gentler on tiny, tender tummies, so it’s easier to digest; Helps reduce fussiness, gas and crying; Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil Gentlease
GENTLE ON TUMMIES: Love & Care Gentle Baby Formula Powder is made with cow’s milk protein that has been broken into smaller parts so that it’s easier for babies to digest; helps to reduce fussiness, gas and crying
BABY IMMUNE SUPPORT: Helps support immunity with vitamins and minerals; Love & Care Gentle baby formula also contains DHA, a healthy omega-3 fatty acid, and choline to help support brain development



PackThe nutrition of

Compare. Enfamil GentleaseReduces fussiness, gas, and crying at feeding time Gentle Baby Formula Powder With IronIt is partially broken down so it’s easier to digest for small tummies. Vitamins and minerals, including DHA, are important for baby’s brain, immune system, and overall growth. Protein?amp; LoveIt provides complete nutrition to infants from 0-12 month. Care Gentle Baby FormulaArtificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors NoNon-GMO ingredients. MadeTake a look at our label in comparison to the national brand label. CompareGenetically engineered. NotSignificant differences have been observed between milk derived from rbST treated and non-rbST treated cows.No

Reduces fussiness and gas; Gentle Baby FormulaThe broken down proteins are easier on delicate stomachs, so they’re easier to digest. PartiallyReduce fussiness, gassiness, and crying HelpsThe nutrition of Compare
GENTLE ON TUMMIES Enfamil Gentlease?amp; LoveIt is made from cow’s milk protein, which has been broken down into smaller pieces so that it’s easier to digest for babies; helps to reduce fussiness and gas;
BABY IMMUNE SUPPORT Care Gentle Baby Formula PowderVitamins and minerals can help to boost immunity Helps?amp; LoveBaby formula also includes DHA, a healthy omega-3 fat acid, and choline, to support brain development.
BABY FORMULA POWDER Care GentleAdd powder to your water Just?amp; LoveThis formula is easy to digest and suitable for babies who are prone to fussiness, gas, or crying.
NO ARTIFICIAL HORMONES: Care GentleNon-GMO baby food ingredients AlsoCertified kosher by The Gluten – (U)D
Orthodox Union

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