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Lucky Charms, Gluten Free Marshmallow Breakfast Cereal with Unicorns, 26.1 oz


CEREAL: Lucky Charms Cereal is a delicious marshmallow breakfast cereal for the entire family to enjoy
ON-THE-GO SNACK: Fun shapes kids and adults will love, now with magical unicorn marshmallows!
GLUTEN FREE: Gluten free kids breakfast cereal.


Size:1.63(*) (Pound1.PackBreakfast is magically delicious when you combine a large-sized box of

MakeBreakfast cereal Lucky CharmsGluten-free oats can be paired with delicious marshmallows in all your favorite shapes, including hearts, stars and horseshoes. Frosted19g whole grains per serve WithYou can enjoy cereal as a breakfast, afternoon snack, and evening treat for your entire family.Lucky Charms

Enjoy this delicious marshmallow breakfast cereal with your entire family
ON-THEGO SNACK Lucky Charms CerealWith magical unicorn marshmallows, shapes for both children and adults will be loved!
GLUTEN FREE FunBreakfast cereal for children is free
WHOLE GRAIN: 19g whole grain per serving, for a well-rounded breakfast or snack
CONTAINS 26.1 oz

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