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Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula Powder With Iron, Reduced Lactose, Non-GMO, 2′-FL HMO for Immune… Price: $6.02 (as of 02/04/2023 15:31 PST- Details)

COMPLETE NUTRITION: Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula has 99 percent less lactose than standard milk-based infant formula and provides complete nutrition for our little ones ages 0-12 months; Compare to Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula
IMMUNE SUPPORT: Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula has 2′-FL HMO, a prebiotic commonly found in breast milk, which aids growth of beneficial bacteria in baby’s digestive tract for infant immune support
GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Mama Bear Sensitivity contains Lutein and Vitamin E, plus DHA, an Omega-3 fat important in brain and eye development; Reduced-lactose; Gluten free; Sensitivity meets baby’s complete nutrition needs for the first year of life


Size:12(*) (Ounce1.Pack-GMO infant

Sensitivity NonThis formula is low in lactose and provides complete nutrition for your child’s first years. FormulaThe Likebrand National-Similac Proformula SensitiveIs Sensitivity-GMO is a product that is made in FDA-inspected facilities with ingredients that are not genetically engineered. Non VermontU.S.A. OhioLeading markets include the United States and Canada for dairy ingredients. Our United States. New ZealandIn addition, InIt is safe for babies aged 0- 12 months and does not contain artificial hormones. SensitivityOur label to the CompareBrand’s and take a look for yourself. National-GMO infant Sensitivity NonIs nutritionally similar to Formula-Similac Pro. SensitiveOur milk-based, low lactose formula is comparable to the more expensive product. JustDHA, which is naturally found in breastmilk, contains nutrients that are also present in breastmilk. Iron, LuteinE to support your baby’s brain, eye, and growth. Ingredients that are not genetically modified Vitamin-Similac ProRegistered trademark of Sensitive. Abbott LaboratoriesInfant Mama Bear SensitivityThis is not an endorsement of or affiliation with Formula. Abbott LaboratoriesDoes not contain the exact same proprietary ingredient mix of prebiotic, patent-level nucleotides, and lutein. Mama Bear Sensitivity Infant FormulaIn Lycopene-Similac Pro. Sensitiveis a trademark of pbm product, LLC. 99 percent less lactose than standard milk-based formulas. There has not been any significant difference in the milk derived from non-rbst treated cows. SensitivityMilk prebiotic similar to that found breast milk (2fl), a source arachidonic acid, (ARA), and a source docosahexaenoic acids (DHA).Human

It contains 99 percent less lactose that standard milk-based infant formula and provides complete nutrition to our little ones from 0-12 months. Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby FormulaTo Compare-Similac Pro
IMMUNE SUPPORT Sensitive Infant Formula2′-FL HMO is a prebiotic found in breastmilk that aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the baby’s digestive system. This helps to support infant immunity.
GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby FormulaIncludes Mama Bear Sensitivity LuteinE plus DHA Vitamin-3 Fat is vital for brain and eye development Omega-lactose ReducedFree; GlutenThe baby’s nutritional needs for the first 12 months of life are met
LOWER LACTOSE LEVEL SensitivityOnly is NotReduced-lactose formula is a non-GMO baby food with ingredients that have not been genetically engineered or artificially derived.
BABY NUTRITION Mama Bear SensitivityMeets the same FDA and quality standards of the national brand Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby FormulaYou can feel confident when choosing ParentsUse it as a breastmilk substitute
Mama Bear Sensitivity

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