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Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple Syrup, 8.5 oz


That’s why our Grade A maple syrup is renowned for its wonderful flavor, color and consistency
Most use it on pancakes, waffles or French toast, but the possibilities are endless
Each serving of Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple Syrup contains no high fructose corn syrup, fat, sodium or cholesterol


Maple Grove FarmsOf VermontHad sweet beginnings over 86years ago Helen Gray EthelMcLaren started making maple confections at the family farm. TheseDelicious sweets quickly became popular and led to the construction of our brick plant. WeWe are proud that we are the largest packer Pure Maple SyrupOne of the largest producers of automobiles in the USA is Maple CandiesThe largest producer of specialty salad dressings in the country. We’veDone Helen EthelBe proud YouAlready in love Maple Grove Farm’sYou can drizzle syrup over delicious homemade pancakes and waffles. WeWe made it easy for you to make this decision by creating our pancake and waffle mixes. They are the perfect addition to any country breakfast. Maple Grove Farms Organic Pancake Waffle MixIt is free from artificial color, flavor, or preservatives. OurMaster millers hand select only the finest grains for making pancake and waffle mixture.

That’sOur reasons for being here GradeMaple syrup is known for its incredible flavor, color, consistency and delicious taste.
MostUse it in pancakes, waffles, and other dishes. FrenchToast, but the possibilities are limitless
EachServing of Maple Grove Farms Pure Maple SyrupIt does not contain high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol, fat, sodium, or cholesterol
AsWe are the largest maple syrup packer in the country and will do everything possible to provide the highest quality maple syrup.
There’sPure maple syrup is unbeatable

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