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Maple Grove Farms, Syrup, Sugar Free, 24 Ounce


Sweetened with Splenda
A delicious pairing with Maple Grove pancakes and waffles
Rich, authentic maple flavor


Color:100%Pure Maple Syrup | Size:24(*) (Fl Oz1.PackWe want to please as many customers possible so we offer sugar-free maple syrups for those who are sugar-conscious.

WeYou can enjoy your favorite meal with maple flavored syrup without worrying about your sugar intake. IndulgeTraditional breakfast dishes like waffles, pancakes, and hash browns. Use Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free SyrupsToast. FrenchYou can also use maple flavor to make coffee, tea, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream and frosting. MayWith this maple-flavored syrup, the possibilities are endless. Theis proud to be one among the largest packers Maple Grove FarmsThe USA is home to one of the most important manufacturers Pure Maple SyrupThe world’s largest producer of gourmet specialty salad dressings and a national one.Maple CandiesWith

A delicious pairing for SplendaPancakes and waffles
Maple GroveOriginal maple flavor
RichIn calories

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