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Mieszko Krowka Mleczna creamy fudge candies 215g/7.58oz


Made in Poland
Made from Polish milk, soft and delicate. Just the way you like it …


DoDo you remember childhood fudge? It was a creamy, velvety candy with a milky flavor. OurFudge is a natural sweetness with the highest quality. Mieszko. MadeFrom PolishMilk, soft and delicate JustYou choose how you like it. COMPOSITION : sugar, glucose syrup and margarine (vegetable oils : palm, partially hardened palm, rapeseed, palm; water, E471, lecithins, acidity regulators: citric acid, aroma: annatto), skimmed Milk Powder (6%), whole Milk Powder (4%), butter. Aroma

MadeIn Poland
MadeFrom PolishMilk, soft and delicate JustIt’s how you want it

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