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M&M’S Minis & Crispy Rice Chocolate Candy Bar, 4 Ounce (Pack of 12)


Contains twelve (12) 3.8-ounce extra-large M&M’S Crispy Milk Chocolate Bars with Minis
Made with M&M’S MINIS Candies and milk chocolate
These extra-large chocolate bars make deliciously fun, colorful gifts



Flavor Name& Crispy RiceM&Mamp;Minis

S M’Enjoy all the colorful fun of M&Mamp;Minis Crispy Chocolate Candy BarsS M’This is now in a large chocolate bar. CandyBar is filled with M&M and delicious milk chocolateamp;EachS M’Crispy rice Minis CandiesYou can guarantee fun and enjoyment when you give these chocolate bars to someone; they are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. HandStockings ChristmasBaskets and more M&Mamp;EasterS M’Available in five flavors Chocolate Bars With Minis. Milk Chocolate. Peanut Chocolate. CrispyAnd Almond. Crispy MintM&M makes it easy to give a gift of chocolate that everyone will enjoy.amp;ShareS M’.Chocolate Bars With MinisTwelve (12) extra-large M&Ms of 3.8-ouncesamp;

ContainsS M’With Crispy Milk Chocolate BarsM&Aamp;Minis
MadeMINIS M’Milk chocolate
CandiesExtra-large chocolate bars make colorful, fun gifts that are deliciously fun and colorful
TheseYou can break up wrapped candy bars into pieces for sharing
IndividuallyFor GreatStockings and birthday gifts ChristmasBaskets EasterTreats and more
Valentine’s Day

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