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Mountain House Granola w/ Milk & Blueberries #10 Can Freeze Dried Food – 6 Cans Per Case


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WEIGHT: 39.51 oz,. SERVING SIZE: 1/2 Cup., SERVINGS: 20
DELICIOUS BREAKFAST! Enjoy crunchy granola with real blueberries packed with energizing dried fruit, fiber, and unsaturated fats for breakfast. Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and freshness. No refrigeration needed.


This is the perfect snack or breakfast that the whole family will love. SoIt’s so delicious that your kids will want to have it for breakfast every morning. MadeThis crunchy granola made with real blueberries is free of artificial preservatives and flavors. NotThis can is packed with 20 servings each of energizing dried fruits, fiber, and unsaturated oils. It also contains everything you need to make a delicious breakfast. Mountain House. GreatYou can feed a large group or a family during an emergency, every day or camping.

PerfectOur products can be used with either hot or cold water GranolaAnd BlueberriesEveryone has been fueled by it United States Special ForcesFor explorers AntarcticExpeditions and everything in between MadeWith milk, blueberries and crunchy granola


    Granola(oats brown sugar, coconut and high oleic sun oil and tocopherols. Sesame seed, wheat germ.

  • Nonfat Dry Milk
  • Freeze Dried Wild Blueberries
  • Sweet Cream Solids
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor(maltodextrin; natural flavor)

CONTAINS Milk. Treenuts(coconut). Wheat

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WEIGHT: 39.51 oz,. SERVING SIZE : 1/2 Cup., SERIES: 20
DELICIOUS BREAKFAST EnjoyGranola made with real blueberries and packed with energy-giving dried fruits, fiber, unsaturated fats, and other healthy ingredients for breakfast. FreezeTo preserve nutrients and freshness, ice-dried. No refrigeration needed.
NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING MadeNo preservatives, artificial flavor or colors CanThere are 20 total servings. GreatYou can feed a large number of people or a family.
QUICK PREP Just add hot water to the can & eat in less than 10 minutes or scoop out individual servings and just add hot water. PowerWhat is the cause of the outage? NoProblem. CanYou can use room temperature water to make the batter, but only double the hydration time.
ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ComfortingThis delicious food is ideal for emergency food storage, survival and camping trips, as well as RV expeditions.

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