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Niagara Chocolates 3oz Milk Chocolate Bar (8 Bars Per Box) Non-GMO, Premium Chocolate, Hand-Crafted


MILK CHOCOLATE: An 8 count pack of 3oz Milk Chocolate Bars made with creamy, premium Milk Chocolate!
HAND CRAFTED: We are “America’s Local Chocolate Company” and our chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches in Buffalo, NY!
SIMPLE: We pride ourselves on using simple ingredients! Our chocolate is Non-GMO and Rainforest Alliance certified.


MILK CHOCOLATE 8-count pack of 3oz AnMade with creamy, premium ingredients Milk Chocolate BarsIt’s possible!
HAND CRAFTED Milk ChocolateThese are “We”Our chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches. America’s Local Chocolate Company, NY
SIMPLE: BuffaloWe are proud to use simple ingredients! WeChocolate is Our-GMO NonCertified
INDULGENT Rainforest AllianceYou will be able to indulge in our rich and creamy premium chocolat creations if you pay attention to every detail.
SHAREABLECHOCOLATE WePack includes 8 ThisIt is perfect for gifting, sharing, and even storing with family and friends!
Milk Chocolate

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