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NOW Foods Organic Maple Syrup,Grade A Dark Color (formerly Grade B), 16-Ounce


Certified Organic/Kosher
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Deep Rich Flavor


Flavor Name:Maple

Product Description

Pure. Robust Taste GradeA Dark Color Formerly GradeB MapleThe sap of organic sugar maple trees in spring is used to make syrup. ItIt takes 40 gallons to make one gallon worth of pure sap. A good sugar maple tree can produce 1 to 2 quarts pure maple syrup every season. GradeA Dark Color Maple Syrup(previously GradeB) has deeper and more complex flavors than grade A light syrups.

Brand Story

ByNOW Foods

Certified Organic/Kosher
PackagingThe above image may be slightly different.
Deep Rich Flavor
Non-GMO Project Verified
Pure Maple SyrupIt is great for adding to pancakes and yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, and other recipes.

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