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Nutella B-ready 6 bar multipack 132 g (Pack of 2)


Original creamy spread, made with Skim Milk and Hazelnut – NEW + NUTELLA
No artificial colors, no artificial preservatives
Nutella is great on any kind of bread or just by itself


OnThe 50th Birthday of Nutella? FerreroLaunched a few days ago NutellaBready – A big cookie that marketing professionals describe as “a crisp wafer” of bread, in the form of mini baguettes stuffed with a creamy sauce Nutella”

OriginalCreamy spread made from Skim MilkAnd Hazelnut- NEW + NUTELLA
NoArtificial colors, no artificial preservatives
NutellaIt is delicious on any bread, or by itself.
GreatThis spread is great for breakfast or snacks.
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