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Oh Fudge – Chocolate Butter Crunch Fudge 1 Pound – The Oh Fudge Co. secret fudge recipe – rich, pure, creamy, and…


chocolate and crunchy peanut butter candy center – perfectly packaged in our elegant 1 pound yellow and white striped box – rich
creamy, smooth, delicious, and always made with real butter and cream – fresh
never heated over an open flame to avoid sugar crystalization – super smooth


Chocolate Butter Crunch Fudge1 Pound- CriticsYes, fudge is the comfort food that fulfills the comfort food craving. Oh Fudge. TheSecret manufacturing processes are waiting to tempt your taste buds and calm you cravings. SimplyThe best. Chocolate Butter Crunch FudgeBy The Oh Fudge Co.

The perfect package for chocolate and peanut butter candy center – 1 pound yellow and White Striped Box – rich
Creamy, creamy, delicious, made with real butter and cream.
To avoid sugar crystalization, do not heat over an open flame.
Made fresh to order for those who love chocolate with a peanut butter center – divine!
This fudge is for you! WhyResist – Oh Fudge?

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