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Oh Fudge – Chocolate Fudge 1 Pound – The Oh Fudge Co. secret chocolate fudge recipe – Rich, Pure, Delicious Creamy…


chocolate lovers piece of heaven in our elegant 1 pound yellow and white striped box
rich, creamy, and smooth made with only real butter and cream – fresh
never heated over an open flame or kettle to avoid sugar crystalization – super smooth


Chocolate Fudge1 Pound- TheOnly fudge can satisfy the chocolate lover’s cravings. TheSecret process waiting to tantalize your tastebuds SimplyThe best. Chocolate FudgeBy The Oh Fudge Co.

Our elegant 1 pound yellow & white striped box is a chocolate lover’s piece of heaven
Rich, creamy, and smooth made only with real butter and cream – fresh
To avoid sugar crystalization, do not heat over an open flame or kettle.
Freshly made in our stylish 1 pound box
This fudge is for you!

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