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Oh Fudge – Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Fudge 1/2 Pound – The Oh Fudge Co. secret fudge recipe – rich, pure, creamy chocolate…


chocolate vanilla swirl fudge – basically a little piece of heaven that your taste buds will thank for trying
rich, creamy, smooth, made with only real butter and cream – fresh
never heated over an open flame to avoid sugar crystalization – super smooth


Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Fudge1/2 Pound- CriticsYou’re right, the comfort food obsession that is satisfied by fudge is satiating. Oh Fudge. TheOur secret manufacturing process is ready to delight your taste buds. SimplyThe best. Chocolate Vanilla Swirl FudgeBy The Oh Fudge Co.

Fudge with chocolate vanilla swirl – a little piece heaven that your taste buds are sure to love
Rich, creamy, and smooth made with only real butter cream – fresh
Avoid sugar crystalization by not heating over an open flame.
Freshly made to order for the person who can’t decide…chocolate/vanilla – rich
This fudge is for you! WhyResist?

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