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Organic Maple Syrup – 4 Bottles – Coffee, Smoked, 6 and 12-Month Whiskey Barrel-Aged – 100% Real Maple Syrup


DIVINE MAPLE EXPERIENCE – Our certified organic variety pack of specialty syrup samplers contains our most exclusive flavours of grade A syrup. This is a unique culinary experience to give to you or a loved one
COFFEE INFUSED SYRUP – What better combination than organic premium grade syrup and fair trade coffee beans to create a delicious and unique product. Add to all your favorite desserts, one taste is all you need
SMOKED SYRUP – The newest addition to our family of products, this maple syrup is slowly cold smoked with our cherished smoking chips, a surprising, and simply heavenly liquid sure to be a hit with all maple lovers


A complete maple variety pack, which includes our specialty coffee, smoked whiskey barrel aged 6 months, and aged 12 months. MonthsSyrups DidDid you know that not all maple syrups can be made the same? That’s because each maple syrup has its own unique taste that changes from day to day in one season. ThanksWe are proud to have won multiple awards for our maple syrups. DuringSugar season is when every syrup is tasted, and only the best are kept. TheyThese can then be used to create an abundance of exceptional products like these. AllOur syrups are 100% maple syrup made from certified organic 100% pure maple. QuebecFollow best practices for sustainable development and quality management. WeWe are proud that we produce a wide variety of high-quality maple syrups which are free from preservatives or additives. They also contain no lactose and no nuts. They are 100% vegan. EnjoyOur delicious pure syrup is guilt-free and has many health benefits, including traces of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the dark grade. TheyThey also contain valuable vitamins, minerals, such as ZincAnd Manganese. GetOur syrups will delight your taste buds.

DIVINE MAPLE EXPERIENCE OurOur most unique flavours of grade A syrup are included in our certified organic variety pack. ThisGive a gift of a unique culinary experience to someone you love.
COFFEE INFURED SYRUP WhatThere is no better combination than organic premium quality syrup and fair trade coffee beans for creating a unique product. AddYou only need one taste of all your favorite desserts
SMOKED SYRUP TheThis maple syrup, our newest addition, is slowly cold smoked using our cherished smoking chips. It’s a surprising, but simply heavenly liquid that will be a hit for all maple lovers
6 MONTH WHISKEY BARREL AGED SYRUP ThisAlcohol-free syrup can be aged in TennesseeWhiskey barrels in which the wood notes slowly seep through for 6 months ItThis marinade is great for fish and poultry.
12 MONTH WHISKEY BARREL AGED SYRUP – AvailableOur new syrup, aged for 12 months, is limited in quantity. It has bold and complex flavors that will elevate your sweet or savoury dishes as well as your cocktails.

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