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Original New Mexico Hatch Green Chile By Zia Green Chile Company – Delicious Flame-Roasted, Peeled & Diced Southwestern…

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IT’S TIME TO SPICE UP YOUR LIFE – Now you can add a touch of spicy, smoke kissed flavor to all your dishes with the Zia original New Mexico Hatch Valley green chile peppers. Taste the real southwestern experience.
ORIGINAL NEW MEXICO FLAVOR – Grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico, along the legendary Rio Grande river, Zia’s delicious and hand-picked Hatch green chiles are New Mexico certified, non-GMO, Gluten-Free, vegan and vegetarian. Get ready to experience the true authentic taste difference!
DELICIOUS FLAME-ROASTED CHILES FOR ALL YOUR RECIPES – Each jar contains 16oz of flame-roasted, peeled and diced Hatch green chiles for your spicy stews, salsas, dips, salads, enchiladas, tortillas, burritos and even cocktails!




Discover The Smoke-Kissed Flavor Of Original New Mexico Hatch ChilesYou can!

AlongThe banks of Rio Grande RiverIn New MexicoA special variety of green pepper has been grown over the years. The Hatch ValleyThe unique flavor and unique nutritional value of chile pepper are world-famous.

We, at Zia Green Chile Company, want to offer everyone a taste of this flame-roasted flavor, that’s why we grow and harvest delicious and healthy Hatch green chile peppers.

AddA Spicy Twist To All Your Favorite RecipesYou can!

OurRoasted, peeled and diced HatchYou can add green chile peppers to all your favorite recipes to give them a spicy, smoky, and crisp flavor.

PerfectOur recipes include enchiladas (salads, dips), sandwiches, burritos, burritos, soups, stews, pork and beef, as well as all other types of dishes. Gluten-FreeVegetarian HatchChiles will make your favorite dishes even more delicious!

Nutritional& Delicious Hatch Green Chile PeppersYou can!

Zia’s New Mexico Certified Hatch ValleyChiles are very rich in nutrients VitaminsThese include VitaminA, C and E, as well as essential minerals such as K, as well as A, D, E, and K Zinc. Calcium. Magnesium Iron.

PlusOur green chiles have no artificial preservatives or additives and are non-GMO to ensure maximum safety.

The True Taste Of The SouthwestYou can!

TheHigh altitude, dry climate and rich soil are some of the characteristics of the Rio GrandeValley make the perfect terroir to create originality Hatch green chiles, that’s why it’s considered the Chile CapitalThe World.

AndWe make sure you get the best. HatchStraight from the source: chiles New MexicoTo your kitchen countertop

Indulge Yourself NowYou can! Embark OnA New Savory Adventure TodayYou can!

IT’S TIME TO SPICE UP YOUR LIFE – NowWith the help of the, you can add a spicy, smokey flavor to any dish. ZiaOriginal New Mexico Hatch Valley green chile peppers. TasteThe true southwestern experience.
ORIGINAL NEW MEXICO FLAVOR – GrownIn the Hatch ValleyOf New MexicoAlong with the legendary Rio GrandeRiver Zia’s delicious and hand-picked HatchGreen chiles are New MexicoNon-GMO certified Gluten-FreeVegan and vegetarian. GetYou are ready to taste authentic flavor!
DELICIOUS FLAME-ROASTED CHILES FOR ALL YOUR RECIPES – Each16 oz flame-roasted, peeled & diced HatchGreen chiles for spicy salsas and dips, salads or burritos.
THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL CHILE-ADDICTS – LookingSurprise your loved ones with the delicious taste of chile peppers The ZiaOriginal HatchThey will love green chiles for their distinctive sweet, crisp, and smokey taste. New Mexicochiles A classic winner for any chile fan!
100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK – WeTake great pride in harvesting delicious Hatch ValleyOur chiles New MexicoFarms. That’s why we back our roasted chile peppers with our no-questions-asked full money back guarantee! ExperienceWhile supplies last, the authentic taste of the southwest!

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