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Pascha Bulk Organic Bitter Sweet, 70% Cacao Chocolate Chips, 10 Pound


Nut free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, plant based chocolate. Welcome to the delicious healthy chocolatey world of Pascha. This is a 10 lb bulk pack of 85% cacao Extra Bitter-Sweet organic dark chocolate. It is surprisingly smooth and well textured and not as bitter as you would expect from an 85%. It works well in all baking applications. There is a powerful chocolate flavor and depth but it still blends well in any recipe that calls for chocolate chips.
The chocolate is made Bean to Chip at source in Peru, which allows us to use newly harvested fresh cocoa beans.
Take your baking and snack level up a notch. Everything is better with chocolate especially when healthy is also delicious.



Flavor:Bitter Sweet70% Cacao

Pascha’sPureness begins with cocoa beans from sustainably sourced sources, grown under the shade of the Amazon Rainforest. Made bean-to-bar into delicious vegan, NON-GMO, organic chocolate. CreatedIn the way Mother Natureintended, from and for the earth, and always rooted in it.

NutSoy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. WelcomeEnjoy the healthy, delicious world of chocolate Pascha. ThisA bulk pack of 10 lb 85% cacao in a 10 lb weight Extra Bitter-SweetOrganic dark chocolate ItIt is very smooth and well-textured, and not as bitter than you would expect from an 85 percent. ItIt works well in all baking applications. ThereIt has a strong chocolate flavor and depth, but it blends well with any recipe that calls to use chocolate chips.
TheChocolate is made BeanTo ChipAt the source PeruThis allows us to use freshly harvested fresh cocoa beans.
TakeYour baking and snack levels will go up a notch. EverythingChocolate is better than chocolate, especially when it is healthy and delicious.
3 organic ingredients Chocolate Liquor? Cane Sugar? Cocoa Butter
OurUSDA has chocolate collection Organic CertifiedUTZ Certified? NonGMO Project Verified? KosherAnd Vegan. ItAlso certified 1% ForThe Planet.

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